Amanda Roth


Amanda Roth

CEO, CTB, Owner


  • A Montana native - I grew up in the transportation business. My parents, Rick and Donna Jones started Meadow Lark in 1983 and along the way have taught me many life skills that have been a great blessing in my life. Through hard work and perseverance Rick and Donna built a great company with values that I navigate in my own life. After graduating from high school I had life decisions to make. Either I could go to college and learn the lessons of education or I could work in the family business and gain a working education. I decided to try Meadow Lark. It was a great decision for me and I was supported all along the way. I began by stuffing brochures, answering the phone and cleaning out the trash cans. From that humble beginning I started my career in dispatching van loads. Through this endeavor I began to learn the business from an operational stand point. I loved the game from the minute I began. I loved the challenge of doing something that meant something to a customer and a carrier. Early on I was intrigued of the sales side of the business. I saw the need to be able to overcome objections as a way to educate customers on our service. My first sales trip was to Kansas City, MO when I was 20 years old. I couldn't even rent a car yet but through the training of my father I saw the real freight and real logistical look at business. I loved it! I love the smell of an industrial park or the building of the relationship. This always motivates me. After selling for many years the next stage in my life was to begin managing the sales department. As a 25 year old sales manager I felt the need to show that age didn't matter, but desire and building trust with your employees was the true picture in managing. At this time I saw a dimension to the business that was extremely exciting. Watching someone "get" the training or career that they were meant to have was a huge motivator for me. I saw the strength in management skills by helping others on their way. Management has been a great passion of mine and has shaped me in all stages of life. My husband and I met in the halls of Meadow Lark. He is my best friend and my biggest support role. He has helped me carve out a career in which our family can rely on. He has great business savvy and helps me along the way with his knowledge. We have 3 beautiful children. Payton is 7, Ellie is 4, and Griffin is 2 years old. They are the highlight of my life. Being a mom and wife has given me the values I need to stand up in a Logistics world were not many values survive. I love my family greatly. In 2011 I purchased the Meadow Lark Companies from my parents and have continued their legacy of leadership. I became WBENC certified in September 2013. I love the people side of this business. I love the abilities that I have to train and lead people into a career path and customers and carriers to a place they can know that they are cared about. In 2012 I started a new company called Over The Road Apparel that helps truck drivers dress for success. I am proud of this company as I get to work with my amazing and talented sister who has a degree in fashion. Thank you for reading our website. We look forward to showing with you the Family Way to do Business.

Rick Jones





  • One day; I figured we would end up in court! We had to let an employee go, we smacked a bridge and shut down a government facility, and once we even shut down the space shuttle! (Or so they said…) There have been so many circumstances that blew up in our faces, yet so many more that did not! Always we tried to do as we promised. I knew how I was going to do things, but I had a hard time making choices for others. A story is told of a famous train engineer. He received his notoriety when he had a particularly long heave train and had to pull it through a dangerous mountain pass. There we also passengers on the train. As he came around a sharp curve he spied debris on the track, AND IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Three car lengths of rock, dirt, trees and sand had covered the track. There was a 500 foot chasm bordering the track. He had some decisions to make, and no time to make them. Hit the brakes and try to shut it down? Risk derailing under the mountain slide and wrecking in the ravine; or hit the gas? Pour it on. Open it up. Blow the material off the track. Use the trains' weight and inertia to stay upright and perhaps stay on the rails. Go - or try to stop. He hit …the gas. Two seconds later passengers heard a terrific crash and grinding sound. They reported a huge cloud of rocks, trees and dirt flying past their windows. The train came to a grinding stop two miles down the track. "How did you know what to do?" asked one reporter, "I would have tried to stop!" said another. "Well years ago; when I first started driving trains, I worried about the worst thing that could ever happen to me and wondered what would I do? Thirty years on the rails and I never saw it until today! Thirty years ago, he continued; I decided what I would do if this ever happened, I weighed all my options and made my choice, way back then." I worked for a lot of people that treated others unfairly or biased. Donna and I decided if we ever had a chance to treat others well in our own business, that we would do it. We wanted to prove that nice guys don't finish last in the trucking world, and we made that choice 30 years ago! As people and business started to come and go, we never quit trying to be better people, better employers, better parents, better spouses or better friends; and it has never hurt us. To date we have stayed out of court! We found people respond to fair treatment over fear treatment, AND THAT HONESTY SELLS. It has value. The best people and businesses will buy it!

Mike Kandas




  • Meadow Lark is a place I look forward to each day. Of course work can never replace you own family but it is a bonus to have a second family. With the vision and drive of our CEO, Amanda Roth, this company will soar. In my 30 years in the business there have been many industry changes, all of which I see as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger as a company and an individual. Travels have taken me to almost every State and Province of North America including Mexico allowing interaction with all types of shippers, drivers and trucking companies. From LTL to Vans to Winch Trucks we do it all and will grow our portfolio to help our customers and vendors. I know I speak for the whole company when I say; nothing gives us more satisfaction than delivering your loads on-time, safely and for a competitive price. Meadow Lark has been here 30 years and with the attitudes of this Family will go another 30 and beyond.

Michelle Borsum





  • Michelle is the CFO for Meadow Lark and has been with the company since 1995. The Company looks to Michelle for guidance with all financial decision. She is detailed and precise. Under Michelle's tutelage Meadow Lark has prospered and grown. Michelle was born and raised in Montana. She graduated from MSU-Billings with a degree in Accounting. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys her children and spending time with family and friends.

Brandon Hurst



VP - Logistics


  • Brandon has been Vice President of Logistics since January 2012. He joined Meadow Lark in May 2006 and from then until 2012 served in various roles, including Operations Manager and Sales Director. Prior to joining Meadow Lark, he was with Wells Fargo for 5 years working in customer service. He studied finance at Montana State University – Billings. If not at work, you can find him on a golf course or at a cross-fit gym nearby.

Patsy Card



HR Director


  • I have been the HR Director for Meadow Lark for the past 9 years. I enjoy the fast pace and high morale here at Meadow Lark. The team work is amazing as we all work together to build a great company with the best customer service in the industry. Becoming certified as a "Woman Owned Business" was a goal we reached this year that will set us apart from other Logistic companies. We have great hard working employees and are always looking for qualified people to join our team.