Certified Transportation Broker

Awards and Honors

Meadow Lark has been honored and continues to receive awards for all of our achievements as we continue to advance transportation Excellence. In our pursuit of quality we find that the awards and honors we receive are because of the great assets we have working for us – our people!

Meadow Lark Certified Transportation Brokers:

  • Rick Jones
  • Lyn Dickinson
  • Amanda Roth
  • Brandon Hurst
  • Chris Goodridge
  • Theresa Campbell
  • Stacy Haskell
  • Erin Gallagher




We help local youth groups

Community outreach

Meadow Lark believes in giving back. We believe in growing the families that work for us and for the communities in which we live. With multiple offices around the country we are able to give back in a big way.

  • We sponsor local youth groups and athletic teams
  • We have a revolving fund that we use to help families in need
  • We have a major fund drive for local families at Christmas





  • Challenge driven and solution oriented to maximize the value potential of your transportation assets.

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